What if your Fifth House is empty?

An Empty House on the Birth Chart

If you ever wondered what is going on in the Empty House in your birth chart or what it means, you are on the right page. In this article, we will talk about what happens if you have an empty fifth house.

Empty houses mean nothing at all! There are twelve houses but ten planets. So, that means that every single one of us has at least one or two empty houses in our birth chart! It is due to the nature of houses to planets ratio.

Fifth House
Most people think that the planets in a house describe the nature of that area of life. They assume that having Venus in the 7th house means that you have healthy relationships. Or, that by having Jupiter in the second house, you have abundant of wealth. However, this is not always the case! What is more important is knowing the planetary ruler of that house. Often the planets in the houses are malefic and bring negativity rather than positivity. However, having an empty house means that you have no planet in that house.

It is a good idea to get an analysis of your birth chart in detail to find out the empty houses on it. Or you can check them on specific astrology websites made for this purpose by adding your birth date, location, and time in the tabs. The cusp of your empty house in your birth chart will tell you which house is empty.

Fifth House

The fifth house deals with play, hobbies, your passions, interests, and activities that you love to do. It is the house that brings you out, bursting onto the scene in your full blossom. It brings out your personality growth. Sun and Leo are the rulers of this house. The planet Sun and zodiac Leo help you shine.

It reflects your pride. Your pride could be your influence on your children, your artistic side, your taste in home décor, your sense of fashion, or your interest in literature. The fifth house enables you to narrate the story of your life with a dramatic flair. It helps you leave an impression on others. Not only this, but it governs the area of love affairs and romance. However, marriage is the sector of your seventh house.

An empty Fifth House

An empty fifth house presents a challenge for the native in romantic life, with children’s health and presentation of an artistic side to the world. If you have an empty fifth house, you might have short-lived romantic relationships. Also, your children might face ill-health. Not only this, but you might not be able to bring out your hidden artistic talents to the world.

The chart and table below show the empty Fifth house:

Empty Houses

1st House
Self-worth issues, does not display the true personality
2nd House
Lack of Resources, Financial and material instability
3rd House
Inability to accept logic, Emphasizes sibilings
4th House
Feelings of Loneliness and having numerous problems
5th House
Boring individual, inability to have fun and artistic tastes
6th House
Dependent on others and falling prey to illnesses to easily
7th House
Unhealthy relationships and having commitment issues
8th House
Is immune to fear and death
9th House
Attachment issues and inability to adapt to change
10th House
Laziness and distorted life, room, and cupboards
11th House
Friendship problems and inability to have long term friendships
12th House
Inability to deal with stress, pressure, or fear

Is your Fifth House really empty?

If you do not have any planet in the fifth house, it does not mean that you do not have romance in your life or won’t do anything that you enjoy doing, you do not have hobbies or passions. If that were the case, a lot of people would have been very boring. The zodiac sign ruling the cusp of the fifth house could be Pisces. Pisces is all about creativity, mysticism, spirituality, transcendent energy, and compassion. The zodiac is romanticism and imagination. The fifth house represents what you like to do as a child. Thus, children who have Pisces at their cusp of the fifth house tend to be quite imaginative. They love to use their imagination. They might want to paint, dance, or do stuff with mysticism. They might be interested in magic. Or they might engage in fantasies when they are looking for entertainment. It is also true for such adults.

Fifth House

People who have Pisces as the ruler on the cusp of their fifth house without any planets tend to indulge in spiritual exploration, magic, wonderful fantasies, and illusions. They do mind-blowing stuff for fun as it is the energy of Pisces. They like to enjoy, have fun, and kick back with a glass of wine. Also, they like diving into yoga, meditation, and spiritual interests. They might like taking photographs or making films as their lives are like movies to them. Such people like to study medicine. They might like to go for a swim in the ocean as they love staying closer to water.

Not only this, but you could also have Leo at the cusp of your fifth house. Leo is the true zodiac ruler of the fifth house. Having it at the cusp of your empty fifth house could bring out a lot of positive opportunities for self-development through the lens of fun and play.

Hence, even if your fifth house is empty, you need to worry not. Perhaps you can discover the ruler zodiac sign of your fifth house and adjust to its’ energies.