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The cusp of the seventh house in the natal chart is the descendant sign. The 7 th house is the house of partnerships or relationships. This indicates our personal relationship to our partners and the relationship we have with our bosses or friends. Generally it refers to our love partner or spouse.

The Descendant sign indicates what aspects of a potential partner attracts us, how we go about maintaining our commitments in our relationships. Do note that the descendant sign is just the opposite of the ascendant sign or the rising sign. Hence, if the ascendant sign indicates how we appear to others, the descendant sign indicates what we actually are not.

All our strengths and weaknesses are manipulated or expressed through our descendant sign. In other words, it reflects the qualities that we do not have or the qualities we expect our partners to have. We are actually attracted to people who have our descendant sign as their ascendant.

Our descendant sign indicates that things that we like to have in life but is having trouble in acquiring them. Someone with our descendant sign would be an ideal life mate, because they would be able to bring about a good balance around.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I find my descendant sign?

Look to the cusp of the seventh house in your birth chart and locate which zodiac sign it starts in. That's your descendent sign

2. Is the descendant important in astrology?

Yes, the descendent sign in astrology is all about what you seek in relationships with others.

3. What is the difference between ascendant and descendant?

The Ascendant, lies on the left, on the eastern horizon, where the Sun ascended into the sky at dawn. The Descendant sits on the right, on the western horizon where the Sun descended under the horizon at dusk.

4. What does it mean if you have Taurus descendant?

The descendant in Taurus indicates that you are used to crisis and drama, and you are attracted to people who promise you peace and comfort.

5. Is the 7th house the descendant?

The zodiac sign that occupies the 7th house of your birth chart is called the Descendant.

6. What does DC mean in astrology?

DC is nothing but the Descendant, it is  the sign exactly opposite the Ascendant. It always forms the 7th House of the chart .