Cancer - Third Decan:

Period: July 13th - 22nd

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler : Neptune

Cancer Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Cancer is that of Pisces, being ruled over by the planet Neptune. Natives are found to be the most sensitive of all the decan natives. You are also quite moody at times. However you make great nurses and care-takers. You have a penchant for raising people up from their troubles and making them self-reliant and positive.

You are always found to be happy and giving. Financial owing does not bother you. You like to mingle with the poor and downtrodden rather than moving with the rich and famous ones. Natives are also highly creative and artistic in nature. You are a home bird for whom family comes first rather than profession or anything else in life.

Native born under this decan of Cancer are very romantic though they would find it difficult to express their love thanks to their shy nature. You are not extravagant in relationships. However you make sure that your love is shown by simple acts of kindness. But then stress and strain might wear you down. Others might infringe too much, make a limit and do not stretch beyond your limits.

Celebrities of Cancer Third Decan:

•  Erno Rubik

• Harrison Ford

• Camilla Parker Bowles

• Priyanka Chopra

• Vin Diesel

• Richard Branson

•  Nelson Mandela

• Samuel Colt

• Carlos Santana

•  Sir Edmund Hillary

• Gregor Mendel

• Robin Williams

• Isaac Stern

• Ernest Hemingway

• Selena Gomez

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