Cancer - Second Decan:

Period: July 2nd - 12th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler :Pluto

Cancer Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Cancer is that of Scorpio and is ruled by the planet Pluto. Natives born under this decan have great feelings, are reserved, and possessive. Your instincts and intuitions are very great. Pluto as your ruler helps you to get rid of the unwanted mental clutter and bring about some healing to the soul. Natives are found to be good in counselling/psychic studies. When compared to the other two decans of Cancer, you have the guts to rebound particularly after a misfortune.

Natives are very empathetic in nature and are quick to respond to anyone in trouble or in need. You make a good friend. You are great in handling financial resources. You are also one to whom secrets can be trusted for long. You don’t let a word out when confronted. You are kind to relations and expect the same in return.

Despite the above positive traits, you have the uncanny ability of not to forgive and forget others. Past hurts and grudges would be held for long by the natives. You are bold and courageous, not a Cancerian trait though. You choose to stick to your decisions and is found to be stubborn at times. You do not hesitate to spit the truth though it might hurt a soul or two.

A negative of you would be your suspicious nature. You do not trust a single person and think that all are not honest. But this is not the case always. Try to put trust especially in relationships.

Celebrities of Cancer Second Decan:

• Lindsay Lohan

• Ashley Tisdale

• Bret Hart

• Tom Cruise

• 50 Cent

• George W.Bush

• Sylvester Stallone

•  Dalai Lama

• Nancy Reagan

• Pierre Cardin

•  John D. Rockefeller

• Courtney Love

• Tom Hanks

•  O.J. Simpson

•  Jessica Simpson

• Nikola Tesla

• Giorgio Armani

• Bill Cosby

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