Venus Transit - June 8, 2004

The transit of Venus shall take place on the 8th of June, 2004, when sky gazers around the world shall be treated to a rare celestial event, when the planet Venus passes across the face of the Sun.During this event, Venus shall transit the face of Sun in about five hours time.

It shall be visible as a small dot of black for the earthly inhabitants.

Such transits of Venus are very rare. The last time it happened in 1882 and before that in 1874. The next transit of Venus is due during 2012. After that the event shall be occurring only during the next century when none of us would be present to view this rare feat. Astrologers predict that the period between this transit (June 8, 2004) and the next transit (2012 ) shall be a Golden Era for mankind.

This Venus transit shall be visible from almost most of the coutnries of the world.The transit of 2004, June 8 will be visible from Europe, Africa, Asia, and eastern parts of America.This transit is the first one completely visible from Europe. It is just like a solar eclipse but the Venus shall not be able to cover the entire face of the sun and sunlight would not be blocked from reaching the earth.

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