The Lunar Nodes
When a planet makes an aspect with another planet, their combined energies blend and are forced to work together. A planet that does not form any of the major seven aspects is said to be unaspected and it operates on its own pure energy.The abundance of the natural energy of an unaspected planet often dominates the birth chart. It is quite common for a planet to form only one weak or minor aspect like a quincunx or semi-sextile and therefore it can be taken as unaspected.

Unaspected planets are nearly always overtly expressed in a person's nature and they often dominate his chart. When unaspected planets occur ina birthchart, they should be observed closely as they have the capacity of changing the entire pysche of the individual.

Unaspected Sun - The effect of Sun being unaspected in ones birthchart would be either good or the native might turn out to be egocentric and selfish. Most of the people with this configuration turn out to be successful or famous. King Louis X1V of France and Vincent Van Gogh possessed an unaspected Sun.

Unaspected Moon - People with an unaspected Moon, men in particular have feminine qualities and relate well with women. Usually it is diffiuclt to control the abundant energy of Moon but these people can be managed well and they develop a kind nature. Louis Pasteur had an unaspected Moon in his birth chart.

Unaspected Mercury - Those with an unaspected Mercury tend to be likeable, intelligent and adaptable. But they flirt from one thing to another. They also exhibit lots of confidence , humor and are sociable. The subjects are usually highly popular like Mahatma Gandhi who had an unaspected Mercury.

Unaspected Venus - Venus unaspected in a chart is very rare and those who have it are very passive, peaceful and lazy ones. Very few of them become famous or successful. Such people are loving and giving and often well-loved and pampered in childhood. But they should take care that the materialistic side of Venus does not preceed the love element of Venus.

Unaspected Mars - The raw energy of Mars when unaspected is capable of both physcial acheivement and destruction. The unaspected Mars produces great athletic ability and deeds of bravery. War heroes and high ranking military officers have an unaspected Mars in their charts. Lord Baden Powell, the founder of Boy Scout Movement had an unaspected Mars.

Unaspected Jupiter - Only a few have an unaspected Jupiter in their chart. They are lucky and have optimism and good fortune.Such natives shine no matter what the rest of the chart tells. The subjects usually have a good sense of humor and lots of self-confidence. They are likeable by all and find luck and fortune in what others think as misfortune. Famed Singer Janis Joplin had an unaspected Jupiter in Cancer.

Unaspected Saturn - The positive qualities of seriousness, conformity, practicality and responsibility are projected in the character of an individual who possesses an unaspected Saturn. Though they may not be overly charming or popular, they are usually well-trusted and respected.

Unaspected Uranus - It is very rare to spot an unaspected Uranus in birthcharts. But its weak aspects cannot be taken for personal levels. Unaspected Uranus does not seem to engender the same dynamic, rebellious or eccentric qualities which are often apparent when aspects do occur. Unaspected Uranus is quietly unique and independent. It is less excitable and more stable than an aspected one.

Unaspected Neptune - This enables the subject to consolidate talents and intuitive abilities while leading a constructive life.Unaspected Neptune does not have to face the challenges of difficult aspects and is therefore allowed more freedom to utilize imagination and inspiration.

Unaspected Pluto - Those who have this uncommon placement are intense, well-balanced people who lack the usual Plutonian need to exert power over others.They are magnetic and forceful without overbearing. Powerful people are born with dominant Pluto and great is its presence in their lives that they are remembered even centuries after their death. Unapsected Pluto possesses the remarkable capacity for fame or infamy. Queen Elizabeth II, Pop star Madoona and German Composer Beethoven have a dominant Pluto in their birthcharts.