Empty Houses
An empty house is one that is not occupied by any planets at the time of birth. But this does not necessarily mean that, that particular area of life represented by the house is unimportant.Lack of planets indicates an area that does not require our attention until some point of life when some transiting planets visit it.

Empty houses also relate to easy or latent karma, suggesting that the area of life represented is not a required subject in the present lifetime.

Many empty houses in a birth chart indicates that the person needs to concentrate just on one or two specific areas in life.

Empty 1st House - There would be an easy life for the natives, they would have less challenges too.  Read More

Empty 2nd house - Such a person would find it easy to set off on a trip leaving most of his belongings behind him.  Read More

Empty 3rd house - Communication and short-distance travel and dealing with relatives are undertaken enthusiastically and impulsively by the native.  Read More

Empty 4th house - The native of the brithchart is likely to be a good Hotelier.  Read More

Empty 5th house - Natives would find it easier to express their creative nature. Others would be able to connect with your heart quite easily.  Read More

Empty 6th house - Work and health concerns are treated with sensitivity and protectiveness. The subject would be happier working as a fashion model or hairstylist.  Read More

Empty 7th house - Partnerships and relationships are not vital but become important when treated with pride, loyalty and attachment when formed within group acitivities or long-lasting friendships.  Read More

Empty 8th house - Those who have an empty 8th house would find it better to change the world and share their resources with those around.  Read More

Empty 9th house - The native would love to travel for business. Foreign travel, religion and philosophy are given importance by the person of the chart.  Read More

Empty 10th house - The native loves to travel widely and also enjoys leisure more than work.  Read More

Empty 11th house - The native more likely needs a few close friends rather than a fondness for group activites with lots of people.  Read More

Empty 12th house - These natives connect with their past life easily, also they get to their subconscious level without much effort.  Read More