Aquarius - Third Decan:

Period: February 9th - 18th

Span: 20° - 30°

Ruler :Venus

Aquarius Third Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The third decan of Aquarius belongs to Libra and is ruled over by the planet, Venus. Venus blesses you with an enticing personality that would charm and woo potential partners of the opposite sex. You are highly romantic and sensuous thanks to Venus. Natives of this decan are not emotional and are very refined. They know how to stand out in a crowd, and they make great politicians. They are also good in social and charity works.

Some natives have a penchant for creative and fashion works. In love, you would give up anything just for true love. Natives are highly affectionate and adventurous in love. They are found to be quite erratic as well. Your charm attracts even the undaunted soul. And you are notoriously known for your flirts.

Natives born under the last decan of Aquarius are social animals. Yet they are very careful in analysing and choosing friends and acquaintances. You are loyal and committed to those who reciprocate the same. However if you feel being neglected then you would sever relationships then and there.

You have lofty ambitions in life and would put your heart and soul to achieve the same. You do not give up easily and would stick to your aims stubbornly. This might backfire on you at times, however if you choose to be a little flexible then things would turn out in your favour.

Celebrities of Aquarius Third Decan:

•  Mia Farrow

• Jennifer Aniston

• Sarah Palin

• Sheryl Crow

• Burt Reynolds

•  Sidney Sheldon

•  Thomas Alva Edison

• Charles Darwin

• Abraham Lincoln

•  Robbie Williams,

• Michael Bloomberg

• Galileo

• John McEnroe

• Paris Hilton

• Michael Jordan

•  John Travolta

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