Aquarius - Second Decan:

Period: January 30th - February 8th

Span: 10° - 20°

Ruler : Mercury

Aquarius Second Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The second decan of Aquarius belongs to Gemini and is ruled over by the planet, Mercury. Hence you have great communication and analytical skills that helps you to woo people easily. You also have great logical power of reasoning. Natives are found to be very light in heart and are very creative and have a scientific temper too. But at times they might be very insensitive to other's needs and feelings.

You are good in making wise decisions and is a very influencing personality to those around. You are highly enthusiastic and energetic in nature. You have a great sense of imaginative power as well. Natives are very generous with their resources too. You are very inquisitive in the sense at times, curiosity might kill you, be cautious. When provoked you would turn quarrelsome.

Natives born under this decan have a penchant for great gossip. And your creativity would tweak the same and make it very interesting for the beholder. This might affect your relationships at times.

Celebrities of Aquarius Second Decan:

•  Phil Collins

• Dick Cheney

• Justin Timberlake

•  Boris Yeltsin

• Shakira

• Farrah Fawcett

• Morgan Fairchild

• Rosa Parks

•  Charles Lindberg

• Michael Sheen

•  Bob Marley

• Ronald Reagan

•  Babe Ruth

•  Ashton Kutcher

• Chris Rock

• Charles Dickens

• Jules Verne

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