Aquarius - First Decan:

Period: January 21st - 29th

Span: 0° - 10°

Ruler :Uranus

Aquarius First Decan - Characteristics and Personality

The natives born under the first decan of Aquarius are ruled over by the planet Uranus. They are one of the complex individuals among all the decans put together. They do not confirm to established rules or norms and have their own say. However they are very social but like to left alone occasionally. They are very knowledgeable yet get depressed easily.

Natives have a bent towards social causes and are highly philanthropic in nature . Charity and social works attract them and they strive to work for the benefit of mankind at large. They do not have selfish motives in life. They do not tolerate monopoly of any kind.

You love freedom and independence and love to go the less-travelled road. But then for strangers you might be looking quite stubborn and harsh. You are very creative and is fun to mingle with. You can also be trusted with secrets and you make sure that you keep your promises once made. One of your main negative trait hated by your loved ones would be your stubborn nature.

Natives are also found to be very quick when resorted by criticisms. You act weirdly when hurt. Impulsiveness might blow your lid off. If you do not take things to heart then you would be a wonderful soul on the planet to behold when in need.

Celebrities of Aquarius First Decan:

• Geena Davis

•  Jack Nicklaus

•  Guy Fier,

•  Diane Lane

•  Linda Blair

• John Hancock

• Neil Diamond

• Alicia Key,

• Robert Burns

• Ellen DeGeneres

•  Paul Newman

• Bridget Fonda

• Lewis Caroll

• Mozart

• Nick Carter

• Nicolas Sarkozy

• Oprah Winfrey

• Tom Selleck

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